Group Purchase


At HiRise, we utilize our group purchase methodology to reduce the total cost to individual condominium owners who might otherwise be compelled to order in lower quantities at higher costs. We collaborate closely with condominium boards and property management companies to ensure open communication, and deal directly with the residents/owners to alleviate headaches for the association and condominium management team.

We offer a detailed pricing plan, clearly illustrating where the price breaks are for higher quantities. There are no hidden fees and HiRise provides meticulous clean up and disposal of old frames and structures. As a courtesy, we provide free furniture moving services for seniors and persons with physical disabilities.

The recently installed windows and balcony door are just fantastic. It's so quiet and peaceful that I feel as though I have a brand new apartment. Despite some cold and windy weather, I have not once needed to turn on the heat. And I am especially happy that I can re-arrange the furniture anywhere I want; I don't have to avoid the areas near the windows and balcony. The installation went smoothly and the company has been very responsive.

- Judy H., Falls Church, VA